Heating Electrical Valves Din Module


CODE: HF737.CT.05.01.11


Din module for handling up to 8 monostable or bistable zone valves of the heating system. It has 2 inputs for connecting ON / OFF thermostats and an output for controlling ON / OFF thermostat inputs of the boiler at the request of water, coming from any zone valve.

CE Approval


Size 6 din module
Operation Temperature 0-35 °C
Material ABS
Power Feeding 12..24 V DC
Absorption 24V 10mA
Inputs 2
Input type Clean contact
Valves Outputs 8 Relays 30V 6A
Boiler Outputs 1 Relay 230V 16A
Bipolar Voltage Output 9V 100 mA
Communication protocol MayaBUS



Up to 8 zone electrical valves can be handled according to the section of the heating plant. It is possible to connect 2 thermostats ON / OFF and to manage the boiler’s general thermostat at the request of water, coming from any part of the heating plant. These features can also be managed via smartphone.