ODS: Object Detection System – To detect an intruder and avoid all false alarmsand!

Available from June 2020

for more information please write to: sales@paser.it


ODS is a Persons and Objects Detection System versatile and compatible with all Home Alarm systems.

ODS is not a simple Motion Detector but the Video Analysis System certified by Paser!

Function bases on a strong algorithm allowing to the video surveillance IP cameras, new or already installed, to recognize type of the objects detected into the surveyed area.

ODS video analysis avoid false alarms due to changes in brightness, moving of vegetation, animals or vehicles.

If a sensor detects an intrusion, ODS will activate the camera associated with it; if the intrusion actually constitutes a danger, the video analysis triggers the alarm through the existing control panel (whatever it is), ensuring your safety.

In case of trouble of one or more connected sensors, the system signals the anomaly!

Paser ODS is a real Smart Alarm System!

CE Approval

More than 10 objects recognized!

ODS is able to detect more than 10 objects among the most common, such as: people, dogs, cats, cars … The selection of which object is considered dangerous is at the user’s discretion, it will be possible to select which object to detect and with which precision threshold.

Possibility of excluding areas!

ODS allows you to exclude an area, picked up by the camera, from the detection so as not to generate false alarms.

Sidewalks or roads will not create problems if properly excluded!

Compatible with the most popular cameras on the market!

ODS is compatible with all IP cameras based on the ONVIF protocol and using the H264 and H265 video format.

Integration with all alarm systems!

ODS analog inputs and outputs allow it to be integrated with all common alarm systems and sensors.

Video Recording!

Thanks to the integrated hard disk it is possible to configure ODS to make short video recordings, easily viewable via web page on Smartphone or other device!

Remote event notification!

Thanks to Internet connection, it will be possible to receive Email or Telegram notices regarding events detected by the system.

PoE power supply!

ODS can also be powered via the LAN port using a PoE switch or a PoE injector, thus avoiding the passage of additional cables. Its consumption is only 20W!

API for integration with other systems!

ODS is equipped with a set of APIs so as to allow integration with other systems such as: operational centres, alarm systems and custom servers.