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“There’s no place like home”.
(The Wizard of Oz)

Paser srl, an Italian company with twenty years of experience in electronics applied to various sectors, now turns to the very trendy and actual field of Home Automation.
Starting from its original vocation for the world of security, Paser intends to broaden its horizons to transform the living and the human work space in a real “all” secure, interactive, centralized and trackable. Everywhere and at all times.
From a place of business then a living space, from simple container to real life system.
With its new line SMART HOME, Paser aims to provide customized solutions that suit all individual needs and use of the environment, with a control system to minimize energy consumption and maximize safety of persons and property assets.
All products and systems are designed and manufactured for the protection of buildings, energy management, communication, comfort: Paser does this and much more, offering to customers a smart way to manage the smart home. All in the name of authentic Made in Italy that combines design and technology with a view of the most highly reliable and widespread well-being.


Paser Smart Home line includes systems to plan, manage and control:

>> Alarms, video intercoms and surveillance systems
>> Lighting environments
>> Domestic climate (heating and ventilation)
>> Motorized utilities
>> Appliances
>> Use of energy
>> Integrated applications


Paser culture is characterized by a strong focus on innovation and flexibility, with a particular and constant attention to the final Customer.
Paser products are universal and compatible with each type of living or operating system and are known for easiness, excellent quality and exquisite design.
Paser entire production cycle is developed in Italy.

Paser is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, ensuring total quality in all business processes, from design to production, to after-sales services such as highly qualified technical assistance.


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