Irrigation Electrical Valves Din Module

elettrovalvole prospettiva

CODE: HF737.CT.05.01.11


8-channel control module, suitable for monostable and bistable valves. It has an additional output for the water pump and two inputs for the handling of sensors, suitable for irrigation control, heating system and sanitary water.

CE Approval


Size 6 din module
Operation Temperature 0-35 °C
Material ABS
Power Feeding 12..24 V DC
Absorption 24V 10mA
Inputs 2
Valves Outputs 8 Relays 30V 6A
Pump Outputs 1 Relay 230V 16A
Bipolar Voltage Output 9V 100 mA
Communication protocol MayaBUS



You can program ignition, shutdown and set up of the irrigation system to manage up to 8 irrigators. It is possible to connect a pump for the emergency provision of rainwater. It is also possible to make the water supply totally autonomous by means of rain and floating sensors for any lack of water. These features can also be managed via smartphone.