Mya Central Unit

CODE: HF707.GW.02.01.11


Mya Central unit is a concentrate of technologies, able to perform complex functions, fundamental in a home automation system.
Mya has several local inputs and outputs for anti-intrusion solutions.
Mya Central Unit manage several technologies, such as Ethernet, Cloud, MayaBUS to communicate and interact with the outside world.

Thanks to its multiprocessor system, it hosts a web server to allow the system configuration, the operation and the day-to-day management, by the end user.

CE Approval


Size 6 din module
Operation Temperature 0-35 °C
Material ABS
Power Feeding 12..24 V DC
Absorption 24V 10mA
Inputs 4
Input type NC / NO / Single, double balance, pulses counter
Outputs 4 OC / 1 Relays
Output type OC / Relays
Output current 2A 30V DC
Communication protocols Cloud, Ethernet, MayaBUS
Protection IP20