Paser: come into YOUR Smart Home!

Paser: come into YOUR Smart Home!

Starter Kit

Paser SmartHome system is based on Maya Central Unit, developed to reach maximum compatibility with yet existing alarms and able to provide a full connectivity. Thanks to the Paser Cloud, it can be freely configured and it allows the remote access by every smartphone or other device able to upload a web page.

Our basic offer suggests the integration between our Maya central unit and specific modules, allowing to make smart some of the main features of a common electrical plant.

Relays 8CH module, thanks to its 8 6A-relays, allows to control home lights.

Thank to our Lights Control Panel, i twill be so simple to make smart the most common lights panels available on the market (Bticino, Vimar, etc.).

The safety of Home appliances connected to the electrical line will be granted by Power Line Meter Din and Power Charges Control Din modules, able to manage up to 4 power socket and to act in case of an overcharge.

Also the shutters closing/opening can be managed thanks to the Shutters Control Din Module allowing to control up to 4 blinds or shutters.

Once configured, system can be easily managed through your Smartphone or tablet even when you are not at home: how many times did you forget to close shutters or to turn off the oven?

Thanks to our system, you can quickly prevent and remedy similar events!

Specific Scenarios can be created to avoid these cases, like, for example, GOODBYE Scenario, by which all shutters will close and all lights will turn off.

Although thanks to Google Home devices, system can receive vocal commands, making the user experience more immersive and fun.

STARTER KIT contains:

1 Maya Central Unit

1 Power Supplier

1 Battery 7A

1 Relays 8CH Din Module

1 Power Line Meter Din Module

1 Charges Control Din Module

1 Shutters 4CH Control Din Module

2 Lights 4CH Control Panel Module

2 Lights Control Panel Adapters


Starter Kit + Alarm

Our Starter KIT + Alarm offer the integration of an alarm system to the SmartHome Starter kit.

Maya will manage the alarm system without need of another specific central unit.

A set of sensors and cameras will make complete and performing the alarm and video surveillance systems.

It will be also included a 433MHz Antenna to connect to the central unit, by which Maya will be able to receive and to send signals to the magnetic contacts placed near home accesses.

A wireless motion detector will grant the control of the external area.

In case of intrusion, the External Siren will trigger and it send a video check directly to your Smartphone in order to check in real time what’s going on.

Thanks to useful 4 Buttons remote control, i twill be possible to manage the alarm system without need of the Smartphone and moreover to enable or disable some pre-set scenarios.



(in addition to the goods listed in the Starter Kit)

1 433MHz Antenna

1 battery 7A

5 wireless magnetic contacts

1 Wireless External motion detector

2 Cameras

1 External Siren

2 4 buttons remote controls



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