Capacitive Vocal Keyboard


CODE: HF727AC010211


Access / alarm control device by entering codes with vocal synthesis. It is possible to program 6 safe keys (after entering a pin) to control protected functions, such as external doors opening, alarm on / off etc. It is also possible to program 16 quick keys (without pin) to control unprotected functions, such as light on, internal doors opening, shutters command.

CE Approval


Size 140x120x40mm
Operation Temperature 0-35 °C
Material ABS
Power Feeding 12..24 V DC
Absorption 24V 10mA
Inputs 2
Input type Clean contact
Outputs 2
Output type OC
Output current 100mA
Programmable quick keys 16
Programmable safe keys 6
Communication protocol MayaBUS



It is possible to make safe the external and internal accesses of the living space by entering numeric codes, easy to use. With vocal synthesis, you can receive status message notifications about system operation. It has 2 inputs and 2 local outputs for handling electrical locks, door contacts, lamps, etc. and a tamper switch (anti-intrusion). These features can also be managed via smartphone.