HUB 8CH Inputs Concentrator ,2 Relays, 2 OC

concentratore hub prospettiva
HUB 8CH Inputs Concentrator schema, 2 Relays, 2 OC

CODE: HF712.CC.01.04.11


8-channels universal expansion module with 4 outputs, of which 2 transistors and 2 relays. 8 wired inputs can be normally open, normally closed, double or single balance, pulses counter. Moreover it is possible to connect several environmental sensors as: anemometer, rain sensor and solar radiation sensor. 2 transistors close to  egative. 2 relays are clean exchange.

CE Approval


Size 90x90x15mm
Operation Temperature 0-35 °C
Material ABS
Power Feeding 12..24 V DC
Absorption 24V 10mA
Inputs 8
Input type NO, NC, single and double balance, pulses counter
Outputs 4
Auxiliary Power Feeding VBUS / 500mA
Communication protocol MayaBUS



Alarm system operation can be programmed in conjunction with up to 8 devices such as: door and window contacts, shutters and volumetric sensors. It is possible to connect 2 relay-controlled devices such as: an alarm status indicator (leds control panel) and an internal siren. These features can also be managed via smartphone.